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How could you get your boyfriend or husband to willingly do all the housework chores and even enjoy it whilst feeling grateful towards you? For most women in relationships, this will seem like a dream far removed from reality. But not so for those who have a cross dressing boyfriend. I’ve often written how much fun and excitement it brings having a man who doesn’t mind being the girl in the house but here I want to talk about a very practical reason to have a crossdresser around: You get a free house maid!

This is one of the most popular crossdressing outfits. Usually they wear French maid costumes with the appropriate accessories. An important part of dressing up as a maid are the inherent duties of a maid. Those who really like to get into these fun games also often want to perform the tasks that a house maid normally has. I love this aspect. It takes cross dressing a whole step further and you can watch him immerse himself in the role, live it and perform it. Along with this comes a sense of obedience on his part as a maid will be taking instructions from, guess whom, you! In his maid outfit, he’ll actually WANT you to give him orders and tell him to clean up and wash dishes. He will get a kick out of it and so will you.


The maid outfit

The sissy maid look is a little different from the traditional maid uniform. The idea is to look like a pretty decorated little doll and function comes second. Hence the word ‘sissy’. The color of the dress is nearly always black but I've seen pink ones too. With it come various lace decorations and quite often a pretty white petticoat. The apron is the most telling part of the maid costumes and it comes in various sizes. In the sissy version of the outfit, the apron is usually very small and more like a decoration than anything else.

Because of all the pretty decorations and petticoats, it can become difficult at times to perform some of the heavier duties while keeping the dress in good condition. You either have to be very careful or have several different outfits for the various tasks at hand. In time, you’ll know how to dress properly


The skirt is usually very short, about the length of a miniskirt and the petticoat is of course matching in length. This short skirt is not only so because it’s more functional for working but also because it invites you to take a peek. At least that’s the way I interpret it ;). What a coincidence that lots of housework requires you to bend over^^.

The best places to buy these costumes are probably cross dressing stores. The real maid uniforms are not as much fun and not as cute not to mention the fact that they’ll probably not have men’s sizes in women’s clothes shops. Also, the cross dressing stores will have the matching petticoat and other accessories to make your outfit look perfect. Of course, the maid outfit isn’t all you need though. You’ll need a big fluffy duster since you’ll be doing a lot of dusting. You may as well get used to holding it gracefully in your hands because it’s going to be something you’ll use a lot while you do the housework.

How to get your boyfriend to be your sissy maid

If he already is a cross dresser, then this should be quite easy and he might have already suggested it to you with ideas like sissification or forced feminization. If you want to have some fun, you could just make him do it for a day and see how he responds. I know it can feel strange to give orders like some kind of tyrant but there are some amazing side effects.

For example, for some strange reason, once you get a man to do what you say for a while, you’ll start noticing that other men in every day life also seem to become more submissive. It must be some kind of confidence that you start signalling. I don’t know if anyone else has noticed this but it is interesting.


If your boyfriend isn’t a cross dresser then it might be more of a challenge to get him into this. I already wrote an article on getting feminized where I give tips on how to introduce crossdressing to your boyfriend. But this particular costume might offer you some other opportunities. You could make it part of a bet. For example, if you win, he has to do all the housework for one week. And then you can raise the stakes to: if you win, he has to do it all wearing a maid costume. Then see how he reacts and tell him how you feel about him being your girly maid and take it from there.

In my experience, it is best to keep it a separate character that he can come out of when he’s done. I wouldn’t want my boyfriend to be nothing other than a maid and I don’t think it would be healthy for a man (or a woman for that matter) to be stuck in such a narrow character.

How to suggest it to your girlfriend as a man

I can assure you, volunteering to do all the housework for her will most definitely get her attention. If she already knows about your crossdressing side and enjoys it then you won’t have any problem.

If she knows about your crossdressing and doesn’t appreciate it, then this might be a great opportunity to give her a very good reason to like it. If say 3 out of 10 women are ok with their partner’s crossdressing, then I bet it will rise to about 9 out of 10 when accompanied by the benefit of having all your household chores done.

If you haven’t told her about your crossdressing yet, then you should do so soon. You could mention this idea to her, by telling her that you heard about a guy who did all the chores for his partner while dressed as a very feminine maid. Then see what her reaction is. For more on this check out my article on telling your girlfriend that you cross dress.


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Thanks to Niqqi for inspiring me to write this article.



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