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Thinking of trying out something new for the the weekend? Why not take your man and turn him into a pretty sissy? Or have him transformed into a super feminine maid who will do all the chores for you and love it. Feminization is becoming a more and more popular adventure and belongs on any couples list of things to try. Lots of men are still quietly fantasizing about getting feminized but that's quite a shame because there’s nothing to stop you from having fun with this anymore. There are lots of places that cater to this kind of crossdressing fun. Its no longer a secret fetish but something that's fun and you can do in your free time if you find the right places for it.

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To the females

I know that for men it can be hugely intoxicating to be taken down the rabbit hole of femininity not to mention very intimate. If your partner hasn't tried it yet, you can mention it to him by hinting that it might be a great turn on for you. Sharing such an experience will likely bring you a lot closer emotionally. And I think now days we’ve all gotten over the idea that crossdressing is some kind of disorder or a sign of homosexuality (see top 10 myths about crossdressing). Feminization is just a harmless way to get intimate and have a great time – not to mention getting your house cleaned if you got him a pretty maid uniform. Besides, you might not realize how much you like it until you’ve tried it. I know several women who got hooked on feminizing their boyfriends this way.

Everyone is going on about male bonding and female bonding. Well I suggest trying something totally new: Male-female bonding. Yep, it sounds crazy I know but you won’t believe the world of experiences hidden in that uncharted territory. This is just one example from many more. I wrote in this article how much it has done for my relationship if you're interested. For a lot more on how to feminize him, look at this article and this article.

To the males

If you've never tried it, then check out my article on dressing up as a woman the first time. You don’t even have to be in a relationship to get someone to feminize you. Some places specialize in offering dress services for men who get a kick out of feminization or perhaps just like to cross dress. Hey if you go there you might meet others like you and get a network of friends going. After all, the best place to meet your next partner is to go where you enjoy yourself (Maybe one day I'll start a business of my own). Besides, the more people go to these services, the more it’ll grow and expand and ultimately become like any other leisure activity. Perhaps one day there will be such places in every shopping mall or maybe they’ll eventually integrate with womens clothes shops.

If you’re in a relationship, then just mention it to her or perhaps tell her to come here and contact me. Here’s my article on how to tell your partner about crossdressing. If she’s totally unwilling to try the experience then it might be best to leave her to stick in her own mud and find someone who has more to offer.

I also want to point you to this article on where men can buy female clothes.

Above all, don’t be afraid. Fear of cross dressing is so yesterday. Now you can just have a great time and you deserve it.

Beyond Feminization

The crossdressing world has more to offer if you want to go more extreme. Some outfits take it a lot further than dressing up like a woman. See my article on the sissy dress for more information on this. Another way to take it further is by wearing a tightly laced corset which I describe in my article on the male corset.

And also check out my article on men wearing panties for way to get feminized without going too much into crossdressing.


Comments (copied from Hubpages)


Panties, a bra, a slip, a garter belt with stockings, or a nightgown over panties are things the wife seems to be ok with. For some reason, though, I can't bring myself to tell her I'd like to wear a nice dress and heels while, say, we watch a movie together on Saturday night in the den.

One thing that was mentioned by a visiting friend a while back was that we needed a maid after hearing how busy our schedules are. We did have a cleaning lady come once a week for a good while. Perhaps if the subject comes up in the right setting I will chuckle and tell my wife that I would be the maid if I could be one of the French variety in a nice maid's dress with all the trimmings. The money saved would certainly pay for a very nice outfit. Yeah, that's the ticket. It would be a real fun way to save money.


That sounds like a good idea. I think it's one of the best parts of having a cross dressing boyfriend. You can get a maid to do the chores for you and "she" is even going to like it.

Everybody wins!


Well, we were on a trip this past weekend and she told someone she was going to start having the cleaning lady come back to the house again. I whispered to her that I had an idea that would save her the money and her ears perked right up. She was interested.

I waited til later on when we alone at the hotel getting ready to, uh, take a nap. There I was, in a long pink nightgown and matching panties. I asked her if she remembered I told her I had an idea about a fun way to save her some money, and she said yes and was wanting to hear it. I told her that it would be cheaper, instead of hiring the cleaning to be done, for me to do it but I would like to wear really nice satin French maid dresses with petticoats, satin panties with lace on the fanny, etc., and also have a couple of dresses to sometimes wear as we watch a movie together, like on Saturday night. I was expecting, at most, a response in the "well, maybe, we'll see, let's think about it" category. Instead, all she asked me was "will you do all three floors?" When I told her of course I would, the response was "oh, heck yes!!!"

Talk about being pleasantly stunned! Not only was she cool with it, she was just wanting to make sure I would be willing to wear dresses long enough to actually get enough work done so she wouldn't have to keep paying a cleaning lady for 2-4 hours a week and also take a good bit of the load off of her. So, you're right, everybody wins!

It seems she really sees how it is. She accepts me as a loving husband and father and a 100% straight guy who does guy things. I love sports, enjoy fishing and camping, working in the yard, and all the other things guys normally do. She has also come to understand over the past few months, though, that I also find great enjoyment and relaxation from the softness and smoothness that only lingerie can provide.

While our marriage has always seemed great for the past 20+ years, I've learned it was never really where it should have been until I learned from her a few months ago that I can talk to her about anything and it will be ok.

You can only imagine how much I'm looking forward to hearing the sound and feeling the slight tug of her zipping up my satin maid's dress and tying on my apron for me the first time.


That sounds like the start of a lovely story Niqqi. Do please let us know how it continues.

Seriously. Having someone do the chores is so good. Even just for that, it's worth having a crossdressing boyfriend.


Well, I bought the first of a few nice dresses for our date nights, along with matching shoes and all imaginable matching lingerie. After helping me with the measurements we also placed an order for a satin mid-calf length maid's dress along with matching shoes and all imaginable matching lingerie. There will probably be another one later on that is more of the stereotypical French Maid variety. She agreed with me that it is far better to get exactly what you want when you buy things like this instead of doing it on the cheap and remain wishing.

I don't know who is going to feel the more pampered. She agreed to show me how to do the various chores that I will be taking off of her and is very appreciative I will be doing them instead of hanging out in the den and not helping much at all. She laughed when she learned that there will be two locks on the maid's dress so that she can keep me in the dress as long as it takes me to finish the do list.

What a difference a week makes. A few days ago I wouldn't have ever thought she would think it a great idea and had never even bothered bringing it up. Now I'm about two weeks away from having a night or two a week being her sissy maid. Oh, how exciting it is to say "sissy maid".


Wow you're not wasting any time. Well have fun and be a good girl and work hard.


Oh, absolutely, Lucy. Imagine the satisfaction I would have, and the sly smile she would give me, if after a couple of weeks of me doing the work company comes over and asks her if she has a maid.

I'll report back in three or four weeks to let you know how it goes. As you can imagine, to have my thinking go from this being something my wife wouldn't like to having it blown by her immediately agreeing to my giving her several hours each week as a girl in satin dresses and the finest of lingerie is making my head spin.


Well lets see. Housework is quite rough in the long run so I hope it'll last.

Oh, and be careful not to stain your pretty outfit while you're working! That would be very naughty!


I can only suspect it is rough since my wife has been handling 99% of it, if that little, for well over 25 years. Perhaps that is one of the reasons that she was so quick to hop on the idea, knowing that the fringe benefits of the job will keep me on it. She's very practical. Maybe she's thinking since I already come to bed each night in panties and nightgowns she might as well slap a dress on me four hours earlier and have some work to show for it and know I'll thank her for it.

Lucy, I seem to often notice in what I've read so far that what upsets many wives of cd'ers is that it is some sort of combination of the guy is hiding it from her, he wants to go out in public or do something else she would find embarrassing, and it is completely about his own fun and satisfaction with no thought for anyone else. It appears to often be a very selfish act.

How can something of this sort be anything but selfish if kept a secret? That's why it's good to tell her, somehow. It seems very sexual in nature, so it should be handled with care and kept private. I can't imagine going in public dressed in girls clothes for the same reason I can't imagine feeling up my wife and/or trying to have sex with her in public. Also, since it is usually a sexually charged activity, it seems I either include my wife the whole time by doing housework and anything else she asks or all I'm doing is a form of masturbation.

Does that seem reasonable to you?


You bet she'll appreciate all that work being done by you, if you can keep it up in the long run. Even if she wasn't into CD-ing, the benefits so outweigh the cons that any woman would be crazy to decline such an offer.

I guess it depends on who's doing it as to what it means and how sexual it is. I do find that crossdressing with us often leads to that so perhaps you're right. The problem with going out in public is that it could cause you some problems. That doesn't mean you shouldn't because it is your right to do it but you must be aware that you might get looks, comments and stares as well as having friends and employers give you a hard time. They shouldn't and you can fight it but fighting all the time is energy draining and that's we don't want to go down that road.


you can go to another city where nobody knows you and dress up there in public. That way the consequences are only temporary and you don't risk anything in the long run.


I'm coming home now to find do lists waiting on me. She was surprised I got everything done last night and she liked how well I did it.

She brought it up herself how I should not wear the maid's dress when it comes in to do the weekly chores, but should only wear such expensive and pretty things when it is a light, daily chore type of evening when all I will be needed for is doing such things as squaring away the kitchen after dinner and then being available for what ever she needs as the evening progresses.

To ever go out in public, though, isn't something that we would like, not even to a masquerade or Halloween party.

Sissy Karen

Great article Lucy,

Posts like this go a long way to promoting acceptance of the sissy maid role.

Thank You

Sissy Karen


interesting article...thank you for sharing..

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