Sissy Panties

This is the most feminine, the most pretty and the most decorated style of panties. And because of this, it is men who should wear them! Yep. I’m not joking. Every man should try on a pair of pretty these and experience the sensation of having this highly feminine garment where it’s closest to home. I have a soft spot for men who like soft fabrics at their soft spots ;)

These cute panties you can find at

One of my readers, Niqqi I think it was, pointed me to an online store called and they have a great selection of very pretty panties and many other things especially for men who like feminine clothes. I haven’t ordered anything from them yet so I can’t testify for their quality but when we get something, I might do a product review. Their prices also seem reasonable from what I can tell. Their photos certainly are interesting and they were kind enough to allow me to include them here.

If you know other online shops or especially street shops that have pretty cross dressing clothes or have nice women’s clothes and welcome cross dressers, do please mention it. Also check out my article on shopping for crossdressers. We want them to expand and grow so I like to help spread the word in the hope that more guys will explore cross dressing. Because, I firmly believe that a world with more cross dressers will be a better world for everyone to live in. Cross dressing men are the best kind out there. They have the sensitivity and understanding of any woman but without loosing any of the qualities that men typically have. Ok I’m getting side tracked again so I’ll leave it there.

Back to Panties

As you can imagine, these would obviously go best with the sissy dress. However, the sissy dress is often worn with pettipants too. I think pettipants are a specialized style of sissy panties really. And these come in more different fabrics and types of decoration. Unlike pettipants, sissy panties often come in smooth shiny fabrics like bridal satin or silk. This makes them super soft to the touch and a sheer pleasure to wear. I also want to point out that using such soft fabrics for underwear is surely beneficial to men for various reasons.

So, boys, put on your cute sissy panties and let the luring feminine grab hold of you ;). If you haven’t already tried them I seriously recommend these as your next stop. If you haven’t ever cross dressed, then perhaps you could just start with some ‘ordinary’ panties if you want to go slowly. Why don’t you point your girlfriends/wives to some of my articles where I rant on about why a cross dressing partner is such a great thing? Maybe they’ll get curious. If they have any questions, they can post them in the comments. That goes for everyone of course.

More on sissy adventures in Sissification, Sissy Maid, Petticoat Punishment and forced feminization.


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