The Beauty of Crossdressing

You don’t have to be physically beautiful in order to enjoy crossdressing. You also don’t have to be young and slim for the clothes to make you feel good. Of course many crossdressers aspire to be beautiful and feminine since that’s what womens clothes are mostly about. But it can be about far more than just fashion.

The act of crossdressing itself has a beauty to it but on an emotional level rather than a materialistic one. A man daring to feminize himself is in a way expressing his love for the feminine. I know some people think that crossdressers ridicule femininity but they’re referring to comedians who crossdress as part of their act and not real crossdressers who do it because they love it (see this article).

I’ve said before (can’t remember where) that cross dressing is a very heterosexual act. In order to see that you need to understand that men are essentially driven towards anything female or what the mind perceives to be female (that second part is what I didn’t get for a long time). But we as a society give clothes a specific gender and so men are distracted from an early age to home in on signs of femininity that in nature they wouldn’t be interested in.

I know that isn’t a comprehensive analysis on the male mind but it’s an idea that I think makes sense (at least to me). I’m always appreciative of feedback though.

If your partner shares this secret with you, then he’s placing his trust in your hands and you have an opportunity to bond very intimately. That is the emotional side of it. The other (more fun side) is that you can do so many things together that most ordinary couples just aren’t able to do.

There is another great reason to be in a relationship with a crossdresser. You might meet other crossdressers at parties and gatherings. If you’ve ever been to such an event, then you’ll have noticed that crossdressers are nearly always delightful, courteous and intelligent people. You can have a great time at a party full of mostly heterosexual men without worrying about cheap hits all night and you can have conversations with their own interest (and not some ulterior motive).

Sometimes crossdressers are attracted to each other when they’re dressed up. That is an interesting phenomenon and I believe it doesn’t mean they’re gay. I have heard about this a few times. Maybe it’s just because they’re less afraid to try something new or maybe it’s because there are so few biological females at such places. What do you think? Especially to my crossdressing readers, have you been attracted to other CDs and even been in a relationship with one? Just me being curious.

Also, the feeling of being beautiful and attractive is one of the best things for us women so why should men be denied that sensation? Just the idea of decorating your body with jewelry shows how you value your body as something that deserves decorating. See what I write about mens jewelry for more on that.

So there’s a lot more than physical beauty to the whole thing. Of course we all like to see beautiful people but crossdressing is beautiful by it’s very nature.

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Comments (copied from Hubpages)

I salute cross dressers!!!! be yourself experiment...... and boyfreinds in ur undies are faaaaaaaaaaaaaaab x

In sociological terms, because of the status of males in our society, in comparison to that of women, when women wear "male" clothing, they are seen to be aspiring to a higher ideal. Conversely, when a man wears "female" clothing, he is seen to be demeaning himself. Thus women wearing male clothing is more socially acceptable. As long as this attitude persists in our society, women will never be truly equal to men. Thus women who truly desire equality with men should be encouraging a greater blurring of the gender boundaries in what we wear.

Carl Jung proposed that we each have aspects of the opposite gender as a part of our unconcious selves. He ascribed to these the terms Amina & Animus, with the anima being the unconscious female aspects of the male personality (the "gentler" qualities - the ability to relate to others on an emotional level, creativity) and vice versa regarding the animus in females (the ability to use reason, think logically, assert physical strength and intellect).

Jung stated that the anima and animus act as guides to the unconscious, unified Self, and that forming an awareness and a connection with the anima or animus is vital in achieving psychological growth. Yet males - especially so in western societies - are discouraged from expressing their softer, feminine side (anima), even - or perhaps especially so - by women. He also claimed that, if a person does not proceed toward self-knowledge, then neurotic symptoms may arise. He further claimed that when people ignore their anima or animus complexes, the anima or animus vies for attention by projecting itself on others. For example, when a male tries to subdue his anima, he does so by projecting the negative aspects of his male self. Homophobia is a prime example of a person desperately trying to control those aspects of his self that he considers to be "feminine".

Thus, if a man has a desire to wear feminine attire and he denies himself this expression of his anima - or he allows himself to be dictated to by his significant other to deny it - then he is denying his anima and this failure to incorporate this into his personality will lead to a backlash from his unconscious. He may find himself heading down a slippery slope towards compulsion (forbidden fruits always taste sweeter), or possibly psychoses.

It may well be that women who are attracted to "feminine" men are unconsciously recognising their unconscious wholeness in this expression of their anima. Ironically, it may also be that it is only those women who have recognised and assimilated their animus (maleness) and no longer find these men to be a threat to their own femininity who are comfortable in the company of these men.

As you said, Lucy, it is predominantly heterosexual men who cross-dress and that the act of cross-dressing is merely a physical manifestation of an emotional expression. Sometimes we "instinctively" understand things, we didn't even realise we knew. This arises from what Jung called the collective unconscious - "inherited" knowledge.

In addition, it is often during sexual encouters that we will most likely express our anima or animus. How many women have you known/heard of who are soft, supplicant females outside the bedroom, but become strong, strident and sexually dominant beings in the sack. Likewise, it is often only in the seclusion of the bedroom that a man will feel safe enough to be able to express tenderness he never normally shows to the outside world.

By the way, the term Jung quoted for true integration of the anima or animus? Androgyny

Keep up the good work. The world needs more self-realised women who have integrated their animus and so can appreciate the anima in their significant other - women like yourself.


Wow. Thanks for all the insight. It is a fascinating area of human behavior no doubt.

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