Men in Petticoats

First off, as a girl, even I wouldn’t wear petticoats in every day life and I can assure you most girls wouldn’t, even if they were paid for it (we're obsessive conformists when it comes to what we wear). Now you can imagine how far off it is to get a man to wear one. Well my boyfriend does (though not in public) and he loves it – and I adore him for it. Read on to see why.

Does it look good?

Of course not, it looks ridiculous but it does have its own beauty and its really really tempting. When my boyfriend wears a petticoat, I find myself having the uncontrollable urge to pounce on him. It also makes him look soft and vulnerable and that just makes me want to hug and kiss him until one of us faints. To all girls out there, you have no idea how exciting it is to brush over soft frills and feel something ‘not so soft’ underneath. I better stop right there before I get myself banned.

Tips and advice for cross dressers.

Petticoats are way more feminine than most other clothes so I don’t recommend guys to wear them in public unless they want to provoke a hefty response. Keep it in your homes or in specialized parties where everyone wears something extreme.

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Petticoats that aren’t floor length only go with waxed or shaven legs. Your only alternative is to wear thick dancing tights. But my boyfriend goes crazy over the sensation of the soft nylon petticoats touching his skin (men!) so hairless legs are the way to go if you’re serious. Check out my hub on laser hair removal.

The softest petticoats are the nylon chiffon type and our favourite of these is sam’s …. Other materials like net or tulle are stiffer and make the petticoat stick out more but they feel scratchy compared with the chiffon (men again, welcome to the real world of women’s clothes!). One great way to get the best of both is to use several chiffon petticoats on top of each other. They have to be the same length of course but you can vary colours. Really sissy like is pink mixed with white.

They’re usually worn under a skirt but sometimes they’re nicest on their own. Shorter one’s go really well with a corset and suspenders. When my love wears that combination, I just can’t take my eyes off him and I’d better not describe my thoughts (yeah I know I’m so weird). Lots of people like to use them under maid’s uniforms or sissy dresses for a completely feminized look. Pettipants can also add to the whole sissy feeling.

Don’t do it too often. Seriously, one of the things that makes it so exciting is that it’s naughty and forbidden for a man to dress up like that. If you do it every day it becomes normal and you get used to it.

Where to get them

Here are our two favourite online shops for petticoats (my boyfriend picked these out since he knows more about it than I do *lol*). They are totally cross dresser friendly:

Good prices. You can order custom lengths but expect several weeks waiting time.

This website recently moved here from Located in Europe. Quite expensive but you can make an appointment to try them on. It’s a small shop where you’ll be in private. They speak English and they’re used to cross dressers (I’m betting most of their customers are CDs). Their selection in the shop is not as big as in the online store though.



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Comments (copied from Hubpages)

Mary Mac

Hi Lucy83

I wish I had a girl like you, I discovered how nice and soft slips were when I was only a child and have been wearing slips and peticoats since. Mary


Sorry, but this sentence is so funny for me:

"Does it look good?

Of course not, it looks ridiculous..."

But it is true.

CD who wear nylons or petticoats or other stuff at home, no problem. But in public they should follow your suggestions as hair removal.

Anyway, I like this article. Thumbs up.

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