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Wearing dresses is one of the great things about being a woman. Even if you spend most of your time in trousers (like me), when the occasion is right and you get to choose a lovely dress, you can have so much fun. For men this is much more difficult. Especially the fun in showing yourself to everybody in your latest outfit is problematic at best. Problematic but not impossible. Thanks to trends like the one set by Andrej Pejic, the idea of men wearing dresses is gradually becoming accepted and sometimes even admired by the general public. Now, to be clear, I’m talking about beautiful feminine dresses, cocktail dresses, prom dresses and all the other kinds of dresses that are normally only for women.

Dress Shopping for Men

If you’re a man who wants to wear a dress for whatever reason, then you’ll be faced with the question of where to go and how to approach the matter. Here I want to discuss some of the ways and means that you might have in order to buy men's dresses. There are two main paths you can take: You could go straight to women’s clothes stores or try shops that specialize in men's dresses. Both options have their pros and cons. Lets take a look at them:

Shops specializing in male dresses


  • No questions asked or strange looks since they’re catering specifically to men.
  • You can either take anonymity for granted or easily request it.
  • The dresses will (probably) be tailored to fit the male body and if you do need an alteration, they should provide one quite easily.


  • There are only few of these around and their selection is tiny compared with regular dress boutiques.
  • You might pay more, either through higher prices and/or through lower quality products.
  • You’re not really buying women’s clothes since they’re designed for men. Technically that’s not crossdressing anymore. But for many dress shopping men, half the fun is wearing clothes that were designed for women.
  • Because there are so few, most people won’t live near such a store and so won’t be able to try on the dresses or get them tailored properly right there and then.

Women’s clothes stores


  • Huge selection and you can find them nearby for sure.
  • Going to a dress boutique and picking a beautiful dress is so much fun and this is the real thing, not some ‘alternative’.


  • Some places might give you a hard time or make you feel awkward. But since there are so many stores to choose from, you can just go to another. Take a look at the Sissy Tasks and complete them to see how easy it is for a man to buy a dress these days. Most boutiques are familiar with the notion of men in dresses and some are very welcoming and helpful.
  • Finding dresses that fit you properly will be difficult (though fitting is a problem faced by women too). Depending on the cut, you’ll probably have to get your dress tailored to fit you properly. Most boutiques will offer to do this for you - even if (perhaps especially if) you’re a man.

I think it’s great that more dresses are becoming available for men in these kinds of shops, but I feel that they really shouldn’t be necessary. All you need is for regular clothes boutiques to have more sizes available and be more open minded about male customers. Fortunately this is improving too so my recommendation is for you to check out normal women’s clothes shops. Amazon for example has a huge selection of women’s clothes. Here are some examples:

As for having a masculine body, well you can help out a little with shape wear. Women have been doing this for centuries or did you think corsets are worn just for comfort? Take a look at some of these:

Some more points about buying dresses

The more people go out and buy dresses for men, the more normal this will become. Shops generally are only interested in money. Nothing else really matters so once they realize there’s a market, they will quickly find ways to become more attractive to male customers. Such is the nature of a free market. So whenever you, as a man buy a dress for yourself, you’re contributing to a more open minded world. Of course, I’m not saying you should go out buying loads of things just to make a political point. But knowing that you’re playing a part in freeing men to enjoy the pleasures in female fashion must be a nice little bonus.

Men buying and wearing women’s clothes is more than just about the clothes. They’re immersing themselves in a female lifestyle, part of which is the fun and excitement that comes with clothes shopping. There’s no place better to do that than the same places us women go clothes shopping. So if you’re going to dress like a woman, you may as well shop like one.



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