Petticoating and Forced Feminization in Literature

One of my viewers pointed me to a children’s book with some explicit forced feminization. The title is The Circus of Adventure by Enid Blyton. From the extracts I was sent, it seems that Enid Blyton might have had a thing or two for petticoating boys. I don’t know her other writing well enough to say that for sure though. I’ll quote some of the forced feminization passages I was sent. Basically they are trying to hide this young prince they call Gussy from some villains by having someone named Ma dress him up as a girl. Because he has long hair this would be particularly convincing but he certainly isn’t willing:

Gussy was very angry and very humiliated. Ma had seen to him properly! She had tried his hair this way and that, and had finally decided that he looked more like a girl with a small bow at each side rather than with one big one on top.

She had also looked out some clothes - a longish skirt, rather dirty, very highly coloured, and decidedly ragged - and a small red blouse with a green scarf tied skittishly round the waist. Gussy could have cried with shame.

It wasn’t the slightest bit of good arguing with Ma. In fact, when Gussy refused to stand still while his bows were being tied, Ma had given him a hefty slap on a very tender place…


All five of them roared with laughter when poor Gussy came down Ma’s caravan steps, looking very red in the face, very angry, and very humiliated…..

There’s more of course but I can’t put it here because it’s not my work.

Here’s the link to the Amazon page where you can order the book:

The Circus of Adventure (Adventure Series)

This book was written in the 50s I believe. I don’t want to read too far between the lines but I can’t help notice a distinct tone of joy in Enid Blyton’s very explicit description of Gussy’s forced feminization and humiliation. In the part where he gets slapped on a “very tender place” we never find out what that place is but she does go on to describe his reaction. Perhaps it’s just my perverted thoughts or my 21st century desensitizing but I can only come up with one thing she might be referring to.

Thanks to Fluffy for sharing this with us.



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