Locked in a Dress

Dressing up a man like a woman is loads of fun by and in itself. You can take it further by turning him into a pretty little sissy girl with a cute sissy dress - an act we appropriately call sissification. If you like the more extreme crossdressing games, then you can try forcing him into a sissy outfit with a game known as forced feminization. This is when things tend to get naughty if then weren’t already by now.

A little while a go, luvthefeel pointed me to the sissystore where they sell some lovely outfits some of which are suited for forced feminization. Many of their sissy outfits are lockable. What? A lockable dress; how does that work? Well, considering how hard it can be to undo a dress, making it impossible isn’t a big step really. But the idea is still great and I have to ask myself why I didn’t think of it. These lockable dresses have two metal rings at the back of their collar so all you need is a padlock and with a snap, he’s trapped in frills!

Image from thesissystore.com

Sissy bondage

Now technically, locking him into a sissy dress isn’t really bondage since a locked up sissy boy can still move quite freely (though some dresses might teach you otherwise). But this is more a bondage of the person rather than of the body. In a way this is far more intimate than the classic ropes and chains because you have trapped his very character, his personality by forcing him into the sissy dress and locking him up. Oh, he’s still physically free to move about, but his personality is trapped in a frame of frills and lace. Under these circumstances, our locked up sissy probably won’t want to move about freely. Keeping a man locked in a sissy dress is the same as keeping him locked indoors. An emotional chain and leash to keep him from escaping - that’s something that has appealed to me for a long time anyway.

So not only are you subjecting him to forced feminization, you’re also trapping his essence and altering his behavior and character. Even a man who doesn’t like crossdressing will be pretty shaken and humbled if he was locked in a sissy outfit like this. I have to say, I do fantasize about taking a young man who’s not a crossdresser and putting him through forced feminization and then locking him into a sissy dress. No, I don’t advocate really doing this as it would constitute abuse but the fantasy does pop up once in a while. God I’m weird.

What I like most about this is how the slow and gradual process of forced feminization comes to a sudden irreversible completion with that symbolic snap of the lock. While he’s putting on his suspenders and petticoats and even the dress itself he can still turn around and change back. This gradual sissification is a lot of fun, but there’s something particularly exciting about having that final snap of the lock. I would wonder what thoughts go through his mind when he hears it. He knows there’s no turning back now so does he have second thoughts now that he’s trapped? Or does he worry I’ll abuse my power over his sissification? Well you’re mine now honey and you’re trapped in frills for my amusement! Now do some grand battements while I enjoy the view.

Some fun ideas for sissy trapping

You could take him to a costume party where he dresses up as your doll in the lockable sissy dress but he doesn’t know it’s lockable and you don’t tell him anything about it. You just keep the padlock with you. Then, when you get the chance you say something like “turn around, let me check your zip” and put the padlock on and snap! Now he can’t change back into his regular clothes and has to go home as a sissy. If he protests, say you didn’t even bring the key so you couldn’t unlock his dress even if you wanted to. And if everyone starts changing back to their regular clothes except your partner, he won’t be able to just come out and say “because I’m locked in this thing” so he’ll have to say something else such as “well it’s kind of comfortable so I’ll change later”. LOL!

You could invite guests around and sissy-trap him before they arrive. If you want to be mean, you could do this when his friends are coming around. The really funny part will be watching him squirm and stutter as he thinks of an excuse as to why he’s dressed like a sissy doll.

The padlock itself can become a symbol of his forced feminization. You can keep it with you and remind him of what you can do to him. You could drop the hint with phrases like “be nice or you’re getting locked up in frills”. There are so many possibilities with this.


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