Petticoat Punishment

Ok, this is a strange one. Have you ever heard the phrase petticoat punishment? Crossdressers and their partners probably have or they’ll have a good idea of what it is without needing an explanation. For most other people, it will make no sense at all. So let’s take a peek down that rabbit hole:

What is it?

Also known as petticoat discipline, this is basically a form of punishment administered to men or boys. That punishment consists of making him wear an excessively feminine outfit such as a sissy dress or a ballerina outfit - a kind of forced feminization or forced sissification. The petticoat is often considered the most important part of the punishment and sometimes it’s the only thing he’s made to wear. Other terms for this are petticoating or pinaforing.

Usually PP also includes a number of other feminine clothes and accessories. In that sense, petticoat discipline is very much like sissification except that it is used specifically as a form of punishment. The lines are quite blurred there because some people consider sissification a form of forced feminization and that is also often justified as a punishment.

Is this for real?

Depends. Though, I’m sure there have been real cases of where PP was administered, these are likely to remain buried in the memories of those who received it. Most of those who might have been petticoated will probably keep it a secret and so we’ll never know how much this has been or still is done. So, naturally, there are only a few written accounts of petticoat discipline. If you hear or read about it on the internet, this is mostly in the context of crossdressing role play or erotic fantasy. As usual with this sort of thing, like with female supremacy, you’ll find plenty of people who advocate using it as a legitimate way to raise boys. I suppose the thought of making their fantasy a reality makes it more exciting for them. Nonetheless, I believe we should keep some fantasies strictly separate from reality.

Petticoat Punishment for Boys.

Some people think this is a good idea and some others aren’t very clear if they’re talking about a fantasy or if they’re really suggesting doing this. Let me be clear: I absolutely do not approve of raising boys with this sort of discipline. Growing up with this could cause them a lot of gender confusion. Also we should refrain from teaching boys that acting like girls is better or preferable - even if it’s easier for adults to handle feminine behavior. Likewise we should not make them believe looking or feeling feminine is something shameful or embarrassing as PP does.

Some might argue that, if done correctly, PP could make a boy contemplate what’s wrong with misogyny and chauvinism. I’m sure getting to know the other gender by living it for a while can certainly have its educational value. But there are two big problems with that reasoning. The first is that being a pretty doll is not what being a girl is all about and teaching a boy that would only reinforce gender stereotypes and not break them. The other problem is, if you do this as a form of punishment, he’s only learning that acting girly is undesirable and negative when actually he should see it as a positive opportunity. You’d be putting him in the tightrope situation where he’s taught that femininity is something preferable to masculinity but that boys should feel ashamed if they’re feminine.

Another downside is that it might backfire and reinforce these boys’ fear of being feminine and they might carry that with them all their lives and deliberately work against it by acting out exaggerated male typical behavior. But the risk of backfiring is inherent in most forms of punishment – depending greatly on how they’re administered.

With all that in mind, I would never approve of practicing PP on boys - even if some people say it’s good. But certainly it isn’t as bad as some other things that parents do. Nevertheless, mixing an adult fantasy with a genuine way to raise boys is a very bad idea. Now, some Freudians might argue that there is no clear distinction between our sexuality and everything else we do anyway. Though I do see their reasoning, I don’t share it. It just wouldn’t sit well with me to advocate a form of discipline if it’s mostly known as a kink. Of course, that brings up the question of what came first, the kink or the punishment? Because most punishment-based kinks like spanking are a result of them being used as a normal punishment in people’s youth. Perhaps most of those who fantasize about PP as adults were in fact subjected to it in their youth. If any of you reading this have something to add, then please do so in the comments.

For Adults

I’ve kind of touched on PP with my boyfriend. But it’s a little complicated because, if he likes sissification, then it isn’t really a punishment. The real thing starts when he does not want to be dressed up, and then PP can be perfect. But generally he likes crossdressing, so even when he doesn’t feel like it, I think deep down he doesn’t mind so much. So it’s still not really a punishment but more an assertion of power. I did this when I wanted to put him in his place and enjoy it at the same time. His reluctance was the best part followed by his beautiful surrender to being petticoated. Then he finally accepted his doll-status with that telling look of resignation in his eyes. Yep, that is a lot of fun, but I’m sure he must have been willing on some deep down level otherwise I couldn’t have petticoated him by force. With these sort of games, it’s sometimes hard to tell how much of his reluctance is genuine and how much is just playing the game. That’s the hard part of being in charge because, despite the fun in power exchange games, you really don’t want to hurt your partner or make him do something he doesn’t also enjoy in some bizarre way.

Take a look at some of the websites out there on the subject and see for yourself what it’s all about. Have you been petticoated in your youth? If so, then how do you think it affected you?

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