Boys, imagine, one minute you’re an adult man and the next you’re a pretty little fairy doll in a pink dress with a full petticoat and tights! Scared, huh? Well, even if you’re not into crossdressing, I bet this fantasy sends all kinds of intense emotions rushing through your body. You have just been subjected to sissification. I’d love to see the look in your eyes as you imagine yourself being transformed into a pretty little doll. I never tire of that look in men.

Since I got involved with my crossdressing partner and started writing about the topic, I’ve learned some strange new words and this is. It’s used in the crossdressing community to describe the process of turning a man or a boy into a sissy using the sissy dress and sissy panties along with all the other accessories. But it’s far more than just transvestism or dressing feminine. Essentially, it means turning a man into a pretty little doll, a toy to play with and not just a woman. When the process is complete, he is said to have been sissified. It’s a kind of role play that couples are more likely to do in private rather than on some crossdressing party or gathering. Also take a look at the Sissy Maid article.

And yes, I have done this to my boyfriend. I’ve sissified him and, believe it or not, he enjoyed it as much as I. You’d think that most men would be terrified of the thought (ah, that makes it kind of appealing too) but there are many who seem to love it. I bet most of you reading this are probably of that kind.


If you’re not into crossdressing, try to sit down and really imagine being sissified for one moment and see what you feel. Because it is such a strong experience, lots of people love it and an entire culture has begun to form around it. You can find a number of websites and communities that focus on this topic as well as online stores that supply the pretty sissy outfits to buy.

Why men might enjoy this

Forgive me if this section sounds a little dry but it’s really easier to understand human behavior if you keep your own feelings out as best as you can. So here goes my attempt to understand men’s desire for this:

I think there are several angles to it. First one must understand that a man or a boy in a sissy dress is not only feminized but also made to look soft, submissive and delicate – all the things that men normally try to avoid at all times. But because men are strong (even those who don’t want to be), it isn’t about taking away their strength as much as it is about them surrendering. If you look at forums and websites about crossdressing, you’ll come across men who call themselves sissies (with various descriptive names). They’re typically looking for women who are assertive and they want those women to sissify them forcefully. So it's very closely tied to forced feminization. You hardly ever encounter stories about it that aren't also forced feminization stories.

The other angle is that transvestites often seem to get a kick out of the embarrassment they feel when they’re dressed in women’s clothes. That is like a small and benign version of the sensation they get when sissified. So, guys who enjoy this might just be cross dressers who got especially hooked on that particular source of excitement.

I’m always fascinated with the obscurities of the human mind and so I analyzed this a little. No, I’m not a shrink and this is not a professional psychoanalysis; just my humble opinion. It seems that most of these men's fantasies require some kind of mother figure to take a proactive and nurturing role. It might be a strict aunt or older sister. Fictional stories are often set in their childhood. They’re dreaming of being a little boy who gets sissified and turned into a pretty little doll by this nurturing figure and then sometimes shown to their friends and classmates who laugh and make fun of them. These mostly adult men actually enjoy such stories! Wow! Well who am I to judge? After all, there’s a lot of fun in this for me too but more on that later. I wonder if some of these men had an early experience that made them fantasize about being sissified? My boyfriend told me he had some experiences as a young boy where his older sister would tie his hair into ponytails and make fun of him but he doesn’t reckon that he likes being sissified because of it. But that doesn’t mean it wasn’t caused by those experiences. If any of you readers had a trigger experience in your youth, please post it in a comment because I’d really like to know more about the background of it. Or, better still, write your own story and I’ll post it in the stories section. I don’t know if I’ll ever really understand why somebody would want to endure forced things like that. But it’s still interesting to learn about it so please don’t be shy to talk about it. I wrote an article about this titled Petticoat Punishment.

Why women enjoy sissifying

The act of sissifying is a lot about power and control. It makes him vulnerable to you. Not in the usual sense of domination but a more emotional kind of vulnerability. And we all know there’s no better way to get intimate with a man than to make him let go and expose his vulnerability to you. When he’s sissified, you already know a very embarrassing secret about him. You could even take pictures and show them to others. By letting himself get sissified for you, he’s giving you a lot of power over him. I find that intoxicating to say the least.

I still think sissification falls into the category of crossdressing but it definitely spills over into certain areas of eroticism. Since I’m into cross dressing men, I can see the appeal anyway. It’s a kind of role play where he’s the doll and I’m his mommy and I can mould and shape him and play dress up with him anyway I please. Only wish I was strong enough to carry him in my arms. That would be so nice to be able to hold and carry him like a doll too. I know it’s not impossible for me to lift him but it's too unsteady and I’d worry too much about dropping him so it’ll have to stay a fantasy I’m afraid. I bet two men could have more fun with each other with in this way - please share your thoughts on that too.

There’s another side to sissification and why it appeals to some women. You see, if your partner wants it and you sissify him, that’s one way of going about it. But what about sissifying a man who does NOT like it? What if he isn’t even into crossdressing? Imagine taking a regular lad who refuses to wear any kind of women’s clothes or show any feminine side to him and getting him turned into a sissy doll. I must admit that too, has a certain kind of appeal to it. Also it’s pretty funny to say the least. You’d have to make a bet with him that he loses or something.

But if my partner was obsessively into being sissified, then I might just get a little concerned. It might mean that he has bigger issues that do stem from childhood. Perhaps I just don’t know enough about it (in which case please help me out). Generally it’s not healthy to want anything obsessively though.

But on the whole, I love the sissifying games and I did find myself almost automatically taking on the role of the strict nurturing character when we play them. Maybe it’s the innocence and vulnerability and the softness that’s expressed by the sissy outfit. It just brings out a strong maternal instinct in me that makes me want to hold and nurture him. Or maybe I'm just crazy^^.

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