Submissive Men

As soon as I started becoming conscious of my sexuality, I realized that my taste for men was not quite like that of my friends. I was attracted to the shy, sensitive and, most of all, submissive men. When I was old enough to go to dance clubs in the city, I didn’t respond to men if they hit on me. Instead, I would take much more interest in those who were standing by the side with a clear expression of shyness on their faces. They were my prey and I would pursue them quite shamelessly but I was young and we all do stupid things at some stage.

But my attraction to this type is unchanged. I’m obviously a dominant woman. I love taking charge and subduing people and with men it’s particularly exciting. A while back for example, some guys behaved immaturely and irritated me so I got them together one day and told them off. There they were, two grown men standing in front of me in shame looking at their feet like naughty boys that were caught and being told off by their mom. Really wish I could have just bent them over my knee right where we were standing. A third was also in the room and pretended to be busy and not notice the whole thing. Sounds like something from a sitcom but it wasn’t funny to me. It was very exciting, intoxicating and even arousing. I suppose I was a little too harsh on them since the whole thing was quite harmless but I doubt they suffered from it. Perhaps they were submissive and even enjoyed it. If not, they probably look back at it laughing.

So my being dominant clearly plays a big part in my attraction to subs. Now I wonder if my attraction to them is because I’m dominant or if I’m dominant because I’m attracted to subs?

Submissive Men are Amazing People

It takes a lot of strength and courage to submit to another person voluntarily. In a strange way, I even look up to these men. I admire the strength of character they demonstrate when they let go and show their vulnerability - that beautiful vulnerability that drives me nuts. I know I couldn’t ever do that. If anything, submissive guys are far stronger than me. They are not afraid to show weakness. Sub-men can not only take humiliation but even enjoy it which I will never truly understand - even if my boyfriend has tried to explain it to me about three hundred times now. Sigh, even as I type this, I’m thinking of reasons to punish him and put him in his place. With that in mind, I want to mention the issue of guilt. I’m sure other people in my situation can relate to this. Guilt in dominance can be a problem but it’s too much to take apart here with everything else so I’ll go more into that in another article.

Back to the fun side of this:

The best part is that we have a pretty normal relationship otherwise. We argue and quarrel plenty and he doesn’t take all of my nonsense - nor should he. But when the fun starts, all that changes. Suddenly he’s just a toy of mine to play with. I can use arguments we had at daytime as a reason to punish him at night. That makes things complicated sometimes but it’s worth it.

Even though I enjoy humiliating men and subduing them, I still have tremendous respect for them. I know, it sounds crazy to respect someone while you degrade them and emotionally break their spirit but I don’t know how to explain it. I think it’s because the he voluntarily enters into this game of submission with me and that is an incredible display of trust and intimacy. In fact, erotic humiliation can be the most intense and intimate experience for both. Anyone who hasn’t tried it, is missing out big time.

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