Men with Long Hair

I just adore long hair on men. Its sexy, its beautiful, romantic and exciting. But I don’t mean the typical messy, hippie style long hair. That’s not nice at all. I mean the beautiful, healthy and feminine long hair that you normally only see on women. Of course, if you’ve read some of my other hubs, you know I have bit of a screw loose for feminine men but even if I was a 'normal' Barbie, beautiful long hair is just so special and attractive – on men or women.

Why I love it

Once upon a time ...back in junior school, it was monotonously normal for boys to have short hair. If a boy was said to have 'long hair' that meant his hair was covering his ears (the girls version of short hair). But one day a boy came into our class who had REALLY long hair, just like a girl. It was down past his shoulders and even curly. Wow! At first everyone would mistake him for a girl and he even got teased and bullied for it (kids are so cruel). I didn’t know why at the time but I just kept imagining playing with his hair, brushing it, running my fingers through it and tying it into ponytails and various girls hairstyles. I'd look at him in class and picture him wearing pigtails and up dos. I knew that was mega weird so I never told anyone and, in order to blend in with the crowd, I even joined in with the others teasing him. I'm so sorry I did that. I was such a coward but I guess when you're about ten years old you don't know any better. In all fairness, though he looked like an angel, but didn't behave like one so he did sort of deserve it sometimes.

OK lets go on with the story.

Having a shortage of girls in your class is great in more ways than one - especially when you’re doing a school play and need one of the boys to play a girls part. I remember when the teacher asked who might qualify, it was soooo obvious who was going to be the victim. Poor Dave hardly got a say in it but he took it 'like a man' (^^). Well between rehearsals, me and some friends were fooling around and I finally got a chance to play with his hair. We even ‘persuaded’ him to wear pigtails (Oh its such a shame cell phones didn’t have built in cameras yet). Seeing him with pigtails and the embarrassement in his face I'll never forget. I remember quite clearly getting a massive kick from it. I don’t know if that perhaps triggered my fetish for cross dressers. I'll have to leave that one to the shrinks.

Of course like a 'typical guy' he turned up one morning with his beautiful hair all buzzed off. Just WHY? You wouldn’t believe how my heart sank after the initial shock. It was such a turn off I instantly went off him. Its as if his personality changed too. He started acting even more like a regular bloke once his hair was short. I know, you could say I was being shallow but don't we all have little obsessions like that?

Boys, please grow your hair long

Seriously, even if some women don’t like it (I'll never understand why; short hair is so boring), there are plenty of us who do. But please, you must keep it healthy and in good condition. Otherwise don’t be surprised when you're told to get a haircut. I just don’t understand why so many men never in their lives would consider growing long hair – not even just for curiosity. I'd greatly appreciate some answers if anyone has any. Honestly guys, having long hair feels great and everyone should experience it at least once (while you still can) even if its more work. Long hair feels soft and silky on your skin and there are so many fun things you can do with it. Those of you still at school, you might not get a chance when you’re older because you'll probably have to conform to some stupid corporate dress code or because you won’t have any hair to grow long. Besides, if you don’t like it, you can always cut it short again.

Hairloss and Male pattern baldness.

Sadly this is something to reckon with for men. If you think you might be loosing your hair then check out my article on men and hairloss.

Little update:

I would have to add that baldness can also look great on a man and, as promised I wrote an article on headshaving vs long hair.

And for those who I've persuaded to join the long hair community, check out my article on how to grow long beautiful hair.



Bard of Ely

I have had long hair for most of my life and got into trouble for it in junior and high school. In high school I got sent home loads of times but I hated school so it wasn't a punishment to my way of thinking. I keep my hair long now although I have lost it all on top now.

I don't like short hair on men or women. All the women I think are really pretty have long hair!


I had long hair for 16 outta 19 years of my life, and i just cut it off a few months ago. I learned as cool as it may seem to the ladies, or as a skateboarder it just makes you look like a kid. Plus I hated having to spend more time on my hair than a chick and my bro's how took even longer than to get ready than a beauty queen. I think as you get older you will come to see that as I have, that most mature women find long hair as lazy, iresponsible, and childish.Oh yeah, and when it gets too long you end up lookin like a manly chick.


It depends on the hair I think. If you keep it well groomed then it won't look lazy (cause it's a lot of work).

But I respect people cutting all their hair off once. I've done it and it can be quite liberating.


Thanks for the article. I'm growing mine right now and plan to keep it slightly longer than shoulder length. I took a lot of flak from family and school authorities as a kid for wanting to grow it out and had to resort to the "shaved-under" look, which was the only trendy thing I could do. Now it's all going long. Gotta straighten it every day but that's the price we pay :). It's long enough now to wear pigtails after working out, which I do to avoid the frizz. I could care less if I look like a manly chick, or chickly man.

Strangely, I always thought the girls with short hair in school were the cutest. That's not really the case anymore, but I've always been about people breaking norms without being too flamboyant.


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I think long air on a man is SO HOT!!! I would never date a man with short hair its so tipical and boring. I agree with you men who LOOK feminine are the hottest if they have long hair and they lokk macho its disgusting and I hate messy hair too i mean like, Just take care of your hair!!!


I think long air on me is very sexy and exotic, its eye catching and holds my attention. Has to be kept neat and nice I also like it pulled back like the Steven Segal look. OMG!!!


OOPS, typo error that would be "long hair on men"


hair adds character to a person. Short hair on men is no nonsense, quite clean and...dull. Nevertheless I'm aghast when I see a balding man with a ponytail. It always looks sad and self deceiving. If you have a good head of hair then wearing it long can be attractive. However most cuts are not made for men, so one can easily look less than great unless they spend the $ to have it cut right.


It's a gift when man have longhair. Women started to use their hair long when were left "back" and purposely forgotten by man in History: when Ancient Hebrews were scattered by other nations (Book of Kings, etc.), the "long haired saints" were converted into "slaves" - from then on, short hair was adopted (although Egyptians did so). The Bible, from its beginning to the very end, always told that longhair is a gift from heaven, so, the Prophets, the Five main books of the Old Testament and even Jesus (He Himself was a follower of that rules, like James) and any upright citizen was supposed to wear it long. However, nowadays it shouldn't be an issue - be long or short, it depends on one's choice! Longhair really fits to many men and women! There are those who are 10,000 better with longhair, specially when aren't "tending" to baldness. Mistaken christian rules (since the last Apostle was killed; alienation spread by Capitalism that "convinced" western men to look like a winner - in fact, he/she will always be a looser/slave, inside themselves if only accept short hair as a best choice for man) These points were introduced to our modern society from centuries and were mixed to Christian rules, to leave it more trustful! I've already listened that long haired men are three times trustful than short haired ones. I don't know why it happens, but it's for real. Perhaps an ordinary long haired man brings anything heavenly in soul. The scissors and the culture that criticizes them were inherited from enslavers bureaucrats. It's time to wake up!


As a femme boy, I actually prefer women with shorter, boyish hair(except bangs maybe). But I'm attracted to masculinity in women, so that's probably just me. =]


Well Jolene and MarcusFromBrazil, I have been "bald" since my early twenties and now that I'm in my mid fifties, how can I be bald when I have two pigtail bunches past my shoulders? I love being different to all the men with an ordinary ponytail and those with short hair, and so does my wife.


I'm brazilian and have 39 years old - I started growing my hair since 2006 after watching a tv program on Sikhism - I found it ok to let my hair grow for religious reasons. It's all right for me! At least I can avoid to cut it later, for it's required from Sikhism rules to run away from scissors, false ideas that drives men to a "coiffeur", and so on. Long hair is one of the most beautiful things man can have, unless he's bald. If the hair is gorgeous, well cared, why not having it longer? Thanks.


Yes it really is beautiful. Good luck!


I ageree, men with healthy long hair are sexy! I tried to get my bf to grow his out,he hated the in between stages and admitted he would not take care of it once long..So I let him buzz it off!


Ah what a shame Dollhex. But I guess no hair is better than uncared for hair.


as a guy i have long hair past my shoulders (have my hair in ponytails) earing and even a navel ring, i also wear clothes such as womens jeans and tights with shorts quite openly. its not that i want to look like a girl or anything and im not gay its just that its how i am and im proud of it - im very androgynous in the way i dress and although i do wear a mix of male and female clothing i do feel an amount of emancipation and a good vibe being at showing my feminine side, i get quite a few good comments for being individualistic...


Go for it stars!

That's another thing I want to write about some time: why people always think men wearing feminine clothes are gay. Think about how many women wear suits and trousers these days.


also having long hair does feel nice, you can feel the extra warmth of it in winter, is fun to change into ponytails and other styles and being a guy it also feels adventurous and exciting knowing i'm not following the sheep in front or should i say rams.. i tried total crossdressing the other day, felt good except my bra was prob a little small and tight but was proud to fit into a size 10 skirt..


I had long hair up until my fortieth birthday, it came down below my shoulder blades, was fine and straight and was always kept in good condition. I washed and conditioned my hair everyday, rarely blow-dried it and gave it an intensive conditioning treatment with oil once a week.

No-one ever mistook me for being gay. I have a strong, masculine face and an athletic, toned physique and work int the fitness industry, teaching exercise classes (a great job when you're a single, straight guy).

I cut my hair short at forty to avoid looking like "the oldest swinger in town". Although she agreed with cutting it at the time, my (soon-to-be-ex) wife never stopped trying to persuade to grow it again. I said I would once I was old enough to get away with being "eccentric", rather than O.S.I.T.

I loved my long hair. I loved the soft silky feel of it against my bare skin on my back, I loved the gentle pull of it swinging when I turned my head quickly, or threw my head back. When it was tied back into a pony tail, I loved the feel of it bouncing as I walked. On my wedding day I wore it plaited, with a fine ribbon tied into a bow on the end to match my bow tie. When it was tied back, I would chose hair-ties that matched the rest of my outfit.

Unfortunately, the time came when it really was necessary to cut it off. I still miss it sometimes and may well grow it again when I'm older. I started growing it again last year, but it just didn't look right, so I'll wait a few more years before trying it again.

I had long hair for around fifteen years and you're right, Lucy, it really is just as good for men as it is for women.


Wow! Awesome comment Gr8legs! Thanks.

I know what you mean by the feel of long hair brushing against your skin. Love it! Especially the ponytail feels great.


Well I am quite the opposite of some peeps around here. I have always had a very typical boy haircut until I went through my coming of my individuality at 13 when I shaved all my head with a razor.

I've been the same way for 20 years. I have always been blessed with having a healthy relationship with women but needed a change.

I decided that I was tired of my 'look' and wanted to try something not even imaginable to me, I was not only going to grow hair but I was to grow it long.

My last haircut has been Oct '09. You will never guess what I have never known. My hair is not only just very healthy but it is CURRRRLY.. It looks great, feels awesome and I always get compliments wherever I go.

My only regret to growing my hair out is why didn't I do this sooner! This site has allowed me to express this whole experience and I thank you.




Hi Michael.

Long curly hair on men is such a rarity I'm not surprised you get compliments. True, I've never heard the story this way round - always people having long hair all their lives and one day shaving it all off.

Thanks for sharing.


I'm a metal fan and nearly all the guys have long hair, and they're so effing HOT! Even men who aren't that attractive can look a million times better with long hair.

You're right Mal. Long hair can make up for a lot of other short comings in the looks department.

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