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One of the first things I came across researching cross-dressing were feminization services. These are places where cross-dressers and transvestites can go and get a male to female makeover. They offer products to buy over the internet but more importantly, they have a place you can go to get help with looking more feminine. There will be assistants that know how to feminize men and make them look like women as convincing as possible. If you’re living in a big city, chances are there will be such a service with a branch in that city. Otherwise you could look online for a shop closest to you.

I used to be skeptical towards these sort of services. I thought that men should be able to get feminized at home and that they probably cost a lot more money than you should have to pay. But I’ve become a little more open minded over the last few years and now I feel they are worth considering. So here I’ll tell you why you might want to take a look at these services and why you might deserve to experience the beautiful process of feminization even if it is commercialized.

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A beauty parlour for men

Women have been able to experience beauty makeovers in professional places for eternity. We love going and having ourselves pampered and made to look our absolute best. The nice smelling shampoos and lotions, the relaxing atmosphere and the touch of luxury to spoil ourselves all make for a lovely experience. Why should men not experience this for themselves? These services are the best equivalent for men who want to look feminine and beautiful. These places cater specifically to men which means they’ll know better how to make you look beautiful than a regular salon. They’ll have the right kinds of make up and wigs along with breast forms that help you look like a woman. Most of these features will be hard to find in a place that caters to women. Also, the assistants will be experienced in feminizing men and they’ll know how to deal with typical problems like facial hair.

Another advantage is that the assistants in such centers will know all about cross-dressers. They’ll have experience in dealing with them on a day to day basis and it’ll surely be a job requirement that they are comfortable working with cross-dressers and that they enjoy feminizing men. They’ll know the special needs that you might have such as keeping private and discrete. They’ll understand that you might be shy and insecure about dressing like a woman. All this gives these services a value that you can’t easily find anywhere else.

So you can think of them like a beauty spa, where you get the chance to look your feminine best. And many of them, if not all, also offer photo sessions to capture your prettiest look with a nice background. I strongly recommend that you get some nice photos of yourself when feminized. It’ll be something to show your girlfriend or wife and a nice memory to hold onto.

And finally you might consider the societal benefits. If these places are in demand then there will be more of them soon and that will lower the prices quickly too. Eventually, perhaps feminization will be something offered in many regular beauty salons and spas. I know it sounds like a long way away but you’d be surprised how quickly a market can grow if it catches on.

If you have been to one of these feminization centers, then please share your experience with us and if you recommend others to try it.


And if you're new to crossdressing then take a look at what I wrote about dressing up as a woman


ogalla 2 months ago

they offer what ?.




I have used two different services in the NYC area and was very happy with both, http://www.femmefever.com/ and http://fairplayshops.com/shop2/ Like you said, they make you make you feel very welcome and relaxed. They also give you great tips on you to apply makeup yourself so you look your best when you do it at home.


Sorry I didn't publish your comment earlier Joanne.

Thanks for the links.

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