Men Wearing Panties - why I love em

I know most of you boys like to wear women’s panties. I don’t blame you and you don’t have to apologize for it. It’s in your nature to try to get close to femininity and this is one of the things that nature makes you do. Of course you also don’t need to be ashamed to wear panties but I have a confession to make: I really like it if you are a little ashamed of your love for wearing panties. I know that sounds strange but I'll try to explain how I mean that in this article. And I’ll also bring to your attention why it can be such a beautiful thing for a woman to have a man who wears panties regularly. By the end of this article I'll have you boys wearing panties and loving it.

Firstly, the idea of a man with a hard shell and soft center is something that really gets a woman going. Men wearing feminine panties underneath their regular clothes, is just the perfect expression of this. I love going out with my boyfriend and letting him be the man knowing that underneath it he’s wearing a pretty pair of women’s panties. No matter how confident he is, I know something that would crush that confidence in an instant. It’s as if I have control over his confidence and that is an amazing feeling of empowerment. It’s his Achilles heel and it’s no coincidence that that story is so popular. It is beautiful when a man shares this with a woman.

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I love being able to glance over to him in a bar or restaurant and give him that particular little smirk that says “I know you’re wearing women’s panties you little sissy!” It’s amazing to watch his reaction. Nobody else notices but I can see his ego shrink with embarrassment. What a magical effect one look from me can have on him, sending signals from across the table that travel through his body and put him in his place. He knows that I could easily tell everyone that he’s wearing panties but I don’t. Not because I don’t want to but because him knowing that I could is far more powerful in the long run.

The other thing that I like about men in panties is the thought that quite a lot of men do it. Ladies, just try this next time you’re at work or out and about and you encounter some over confident status symbol collection of a man. Just think he might be wearing pink womens panties underneath and picture that in your mind. It seriously works wonders for your own confidence. And, given that so many men do this, chances are that he actually is in panties at that very moment.

That’s why I like men to feel ashamed of their panty wearing secret. I know it’s a little cruel since it isn’t their fault and they’re just acting according to their nature. But it does give me a lot of power over that nature and I confess that it’s quite intoxicating. I still believe that nobody has to feel bad for something that is harmless as I said in my articles on crossdressing but that doesn’t mean I can’t have a little fun when they do :)

So, as you can see, this is about far more than just crossdressing. Like I said in my first article on mens panties, one might not even call it crossdressing since it is invisible in everyday life but that doesn’t really matter. What matters is the emotional significance of it. Maybe that’s why I think it looks so cute when a man wears panties. Because it shows me the soft center that I was talking about and that opens the door for really making a deeper connection to him.

So guys, go get some panties now and put them on. Share it with your girlfriend as a secret that only she knows.

Girls, go and buy your boyfriends some pretty panties and get him to wear them next time you go out and be sure to remind him once in a while. You'll see who's wearing the pant(ie)s.


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Lucy, I absolutely love wearing my women's panties, and bras!!! They make me feel so feminine!!!


I do not think of myself as a crossdresser.I just like nylon and satin panties.They fit and feel great.What is the big deal!


Yes. My wife and I both know she could easily embarass and humiliate me to everyone I know by simply telling them what I've confided in her. Yet, she won't and understands I appreciate her so much for it. It has certainly been an emotional rush each of the three times I've come before her wearing a dress and for her to look at me properly. She is coming to understand how submissive and obedient her acceptance makes me feel.





I am a man who always wears panties 24/7 and have for years. I generally wear womens shorts, jeans, socks, shoes, etc too. I like the look and feel of womens clothing more than mens. I don't usually wear women's tops because I have trouble finding tops that fit well and if they don't fit well they don't look good. So I usually wear mens tops, most in pastels of pinks, lavenders, yellows, whites, etc. I like the look of women's sleeveless button up blouses with collars, so men's shirts that I like the color or print I take to a seamstress who removes the sleeves for me so that I will have some nice 'mens blouses' that fit well and look nice (it almost makes me feel like I am crossdressing when I wear an article of mens clothing :). Most people don't even know that the attire I am wearing is women's, outside of a few style concious women who can tell from the stitching or cut but if anyone says anything it is usually that they like my taste in clothing. Occasionally if I do feel like being a bit risque I like to wear light weight white shorts or pants with colorful panties on underneath which are visible through the shorts or pants.


wow ive read a ton of artcals like this i still didnt know that a girl could find it soo sexy tho thats nice to know i like wearing lace boy short cut panties they r awesome =)


I am a straight male 78 years old and I have been wearing lingerie, including panties slips camisoles and nighties for more than 50 years. My wife of 58 years not only loves me in lingerie , but on occasion we have shopped for lingerie for me together. I don't consider myself a cross dresser any more than a woman who wears pants and suits considers herself to be a cross dresser. I wear lingerie simply because it feels a whole lot better on my skin than mens underwear and everyone should be able to wear whatever they wish without fear of ridicule. I don't care who knows that I wear lingerie and if they have a problem with that, thats their problem and they need to deal with it. The double standard that women can wear mens clothing and no one says anything about it, but the fact that millions of us men wish to wear any article of womens clothing at all, we must be gay or weird. What part of being comfortable don't you understand? I should remind all you nay sayers out there that there was a time when men wore lace and ruffles and in fact manliness was based on how much lace and ruffles he wore. Are women so afraid that a lot of men would look better than them in lacy things?


I love wearing pink panties they are my favorite colors. It's something that realy turns me on I even wear panties with lace feel great also. When I lay down in bed I just wear my panties they just make my body feel something that I can't explain but it's a realy great feeling.

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