Become a Feminine Man

If you want to be more feminine and get in touch with that side of your personality, there are many ways to achieve it. Yes, women’s clothes are of course one way but it isn’t all there’s too it. Looking feminine is also down to posture and mindset. All these things go hand in hand and I want to look into the art of feminization for men as a kind of introduction. There are loads more resources and pretty clothes you can find on the internet so you can take it from there.

Looking Feminine

What came first: the chicken or the egg? Similar: Do you feel feminine first and then you become more feminine or do you first dress up and then you’ll start to feel more feminine automatically?

That is a good question. Most men who put on women’s clothes instantly feel more like a woman and start behaving it too. It’s as if feminine clothes have some kind of magical effect on men. I love watching that effect. I adore it when a man starts going sensitive and passive because he’s wearing women’s clothes. Hell you to try wearing any of these pretty outfits and still feel like a man . I bet you can't^^.

If you've afraid of wearing womens clothes, then read my article on first time crossdressing.

You should note that feminine clothes for women aren’t the same as feminine clothes for men. On a woman for instance, anything that accentuates her figure usually looks very feminine. On a man , this is not always the case because his figure is nearly always more manly. So a man who wants to dress feminine will be better off choosing something that hides his figure. This depends on your body of course. If you have long thin legs for example, then tight fitting jeans or leggings can pull off the girlish look really well. You can also look into mens jewelry if you want to increase your own sense of beauty gradually without turning straight to crossdressing.

One of the most reliable pointers is the broad shoulders and they’re really hard to hide without wearing some sort of snow suit. But you can de-emphasize your shoulders by wearing something like a feather boa or a more decorative top. You’ll have to play around and see (that’s so much fun).

Feeling Feminine

Femininity is a way of being if anything and how you feel is at the heart of it. If you feel feminine deep inside, then you will, consciously or not, convey that to your surroundings. You’ll automatically start to carry yourself more gracefully and pay more attention to your posture. You’ll start to talk with a different voice and even use different language. Instead of studying in detail what all those differences are, it is far easier to convince yourself first that you are a feminine being in this world and the rest will come quite naturally. You might even find a new, stronger desire to wear more feminine outfits and get rid of your men’s wardrobe (well, better keep it just in case^^). If you want to start in small steps without going much into crossdressing you could just try to wear panties underneath your normal clothes. For more on that, check out my article on men wearing panties.

There are more and more feminine men these days. It isn't a coincidence in a society that celebrates the feminine more than anything else. Men are simply finding a place in it so you certainly won't be alone. This female supremacy movement is a little concerning but it is good that it gives us more feminine men.

Also check out my article of top 5 myths about feminine men.

And if you want to see the ultimate feminine men, the most beautiful and extreme of femininity in men, then check out this article on the miss transvestite contest.

I wrote a sort of counter part to this describing feminization from your partner's point of view here at: Types of Feminization. And here are some other related articles:


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I have really enjoy reading your articles. So many men are torn between a feeling of total exhilaration and total shame the first time they cross-dress. I know I was one of them and I hated the way it made me feel so dirty. Perhaps it is my submissive nature or lack of ego but somehow I felt somewhat less then deserving. It is wonderful that you support your boyfriend.

I won't bore you with a long dissertation on how my dressing eventually destroyed my marriage or how it has effected my life but I would like to make a point. In the end it is our life and we have to have enough ego to take responsibility for our actions and that means we get to choose our actions.

The question is if we're the ones taking responsibility why do we give so many other people permission to choose what we do. Giving other people permission to choose how we should dress is no different then giving into peer pressure in school as a child. So long as we're decent and not affecting their lives we shouldn't give a second thought to what they think about what we should wear or how our hair is styled.

This of course doesn't mean we shouldn't take advice from the experts as to which hair style best feminizes our face or what clothing styles best accentuate our figure. And that is why it is so important to quit thinking about what your peers think when its none of their business. Only then can you enjoy visits to cosmetic counters, salons, and shopping trips to local malls.


Thanks for the great comment Maggie. I totally agree. And if people have a problem with you that's THEIR loss.


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