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We all know that many men like to cross dress and that there are surely a lot more cross dressers than any statistics say. But when it comes to men in panties, I bet there are so many that at any time you’re walking down a busy street there are several men in panties near you. Cross dressers can wear panties to work and nobody will know. This is one of the appealing things to cross dressers who wear panties. The picture below says it all. Isn’t it just so cute? Wearing panties has a lot of other nice side effects and some of them can come in very soft and silky fabrics which will feel nice to wear. Others just look very pretty and feminine which makes for a lovely and teasing effect when worn by a man.

Shopping for Mens Panties

Luckily you can buy them quite easily now days. There are specialized men’s panties shops online that have a nice variety of pretty and feminine panties for you and they’re also available in larger sizes for you big boys. But some of you might consider buying your panties at women’s underwear shops. Obviously they have a large variety to choose from but you should note that a large size is a women’s large size and might not fit you as well. If you’re worried about getting the right size, you could just order a very cheap pair of panties in various sizes to try on and then you’ll know for the future what size to go for.

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The types and colors of panties available are numerous so you’ll have a great time exploring the shops for these. The most common material is probably cotton but men obviously prefer to wear something like satin or silk panties. I know you guys like to feel softness! You can also get some pretty lace decorations on panties for an even cuter touch. Why not try them all and see what you and your girlfriend like best.

Why Men Wear Panties

As usual everybody has their own reasons for doing what they do but there are still common reasons that seem to drive the majority of men to putting on panties. Obviously some panties are an accessory to their crossdressing outfits. But since the panties themselves don’t make you look feminine when fully dressed you might not even call it crossdressing in the same sense as wearing a pretty skirt might be. I know that some men have a fetish for panties but I don’t know how many they are because that community seems to be even more secretive than the cross dressers. They just love having panties close to them and what better way is there to do that than to wear them? Another kind of male just likes feeling the soft materials around them regardless of how it looks or what the implications are.

Get your Boyfriend to wear Panties

If you like the thought of your boyfriend wearing panties, you could just persuade him to try on a pair of yours for fun. Tell him it’s just for a laugh or as part of a joke. You’ll know when the timing is right for that sort of thing. You could also make your boyfriend wear panties for a day if he looses a bet that you set up so that he definitely looses^^. He might not be into wearing panties but there’s no excuse for not even trying them just once.

Tell your Girlfriend that you Like to Wear Panties

Here the big secret is to not make it a big issue. Don’t come out to her as part of some serious and deep conversation. It isn’t a serious matter even if it feels like that to you. I wrote more on this in my article on telling your girlfriend that you crossdress. You could just jokingly try on a pair of her panties for fun but make sure you do it when both of you are in the mood for fooling around and having fun. See how she reacts to that and tell her that you like it accordingly. Again, like I’ve said before, don’t let her forbid you to wear panties because she has no right to do that. The whole time you should remember one thing: “What’s the big deal?”

Men in Panties Are a Turn On

I have to say it’s really is a nice thought that the well dressed man I’m talking to might be wearing pink lace panties underneath. It gives new meaning to the phrase “hard shell, soft center”! Though the reverse of that phrase is also very beautiful as I’ve mentioned in my article about men in petticoats. Besides, men’s regular underwear is uninteresting, unflattering and usually plain bad not to mention sometimes outright awful. Mens panties however can be very pretty and cute. I’m not even sure if I would regard a man who wears panties as a cross dresser just because of that. When he’s fully dressed you wouldn’t see them and so in everyday life and at work you wouldn’t see anything feminine in his outfit. This is also why I think most women would be fine with their boyfriends wearing panties.

I wrote a lot more on the meaning of this in my article on men wearing panties. Also check out my article on the even more feminine sissy panties.

What are your experiences on this subject?


Comments (copied from Hubpages)


Great hub, Lucy. I wished there were more accepting women out there like you. I am far more comfortable wearing panties and want to wear nothing but panties


Thanks for the comment Sissychuck.


I think it should be made compulsory for men to wear womens knickers, i always wear them anyway.


my wife knows i like to were panties and also buy them. but i can not get her to buy them for me.i have asked her to buy them for xmass or birthday but no luck. how can i get her to go panty shopping?


Well what reason does she give for not wanting to buy them?

Does she mind you wearing them too?

One way you could start is to go shopping with her for HER panties. And simply mention when you see some that you'd like to have, that that would be something for you too.


It's nice to know women can be understanding about men in panties. Young salesgirls are the best. They are very helpful and seem to have a lot of fun with it. I was looking at bras the other day when one said "those are very comfortable I'm wearing one myself" then opened her blouse to show me. She knows I wear lingerie and I'm a girlfriend.


With all the resistance to change out there and the multiple taboos in our culture it is amazing that anything has changed since the stone ages. If you really consider the ramifications of equality between the sexes that we demand in our world today it is somewhat ludicrous that we still accept the notion that certain garments are reserved for certain sexes.

I prefer colorful silky panties with lace trim. I love the way the lace brushes up against my skin and the colorful silky way they look. I have to admit that sometimes I have trouble finding styles with wide enough gussets. It truly amazes me that more lingerie manufactures can't see the dollar signs associated with producing these styles for men.


Lucy, your hub is quite interesting. I am a male who loves wearing woman's panties. They have to be the real thing, not panties designed for men. I enjoy the softness of the fabrics, the assortment of colors and patterns and styles, and the fact that I might be wearing the same panties as my female coworker. My favorites are bright colors, and florals with lace or mesh in a nylon high cut style. Can't forget the pretty bows. I even have some matching bras. Every man should own and wear panties. They truly make me feel feminine.


I like panties too, but is all about feel for me - though I do like the way they look. I don't feel feminine in them, but I do like the way they feel, especially tactel or other microfibre nylons. I now like a bit of lace on the sides, and hicut. microfiber stretches lots to solve the gusset problem. I think the gusset ideally is not wide underneath, but widens in the front to form a pouch. Most men are not wider between the legs than women, so men's underwear with hugely wide crotches bunches up like crazy! My legs are not 6 inches apart!

most nylon microfibres also wick away sweat, unlike cotton, which soaks it up, but stays wet, leading to jungle rot. I consider cotton underwear the enemy now.


Lucy -


Great job! I wish there were more understanding women like you out there!


Keep up the Good Work!


Guys should check out womens bikini swim suit bottoms. They have lycra and stretch nicely, soft and strong and more importantly usually have a slightly wider crotch. Plus they can be worn alone like a speedo if you want to jump in a cool river on a hot day!

More men than you think like the the softness of supportive lycra seamless panties or swim suit bottoms. Once a guy tries one on he will be hooked on the idea. I wonder when mens fashion designers will wake up and market them? Probably when short skirts become vogue for men but that would be too practical...

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