Feminization - so much fun

This is one of the most fun and exciting things you can do with your boyfriend. Feminization is the process of making a man more feminine usually by having him wear feminine clothes (i.e. cross-dressing). If you want to try something new in your relationship that will bring you closer together and reveal a new side of you and your partner then it's certainly worth a try. In this article I want to explore why this is so much fun and introduce you to the art of feminization. Don't dismiss it before you've tried it because I never knew how much I'd like it until we tried it. There are also different levels of to this. Some may take it all the way to impersonating a woman while others might just have him wear panties or a skirt. It's down to your imagination.

An important part of it is to get some really pretty clothes to complete the process. What outfit exactly depends on your mood and taste but you could start by giving him some of the clothes that you already have that also fit and then take it further by going shopping in one of the online shops or department stores.

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How I got into this

I first experienced this around 6 years ago (wow it’s that long already!) and I’ll never forget it. Before that day I didn’t know much about cross-dressing or transvestites but my boyfriend introduced it to me and when he first told me, my reaction was something like “fine by me but don’t ask me not to laugh”. But little did I know how I’d react when I first saw him wearing a very full floor length petticoat and nothing else. It was all a new experience for both of us. He’d never shown or told anyone else before, and I’d never seen him with women’s clothes (even though I had suspected a tendency towards androgyny in him before). So he was kind of shy and nervous. That, and the way his bridal petticoat was restricting his movements gave me a really extraordinary kind of rush. I was quite shocked at my reaction and pulled back a little. This made him worry that he’d scared me away when actually it was just myself that scared me. I told him about it and from there on it was as if our relationship started all over again with this whole new world to explore and to this day we’re still discovering new things. Our relationship had a whole new level of intimacy from thereon – one that I’d never had in any relationship before. If you're interested in all this, check out my article on dressing up as a woman for newcomers.

What’s so great about it?

I suppose it means something different to everyone but I can only say that it is wonderful to share an intimate secret like that with your partner. Beyond that, there is the fact that men are typically so afraid to reveal anything feminine in them and that society kind of forbids it. That makes it more of a thrill because you’re doing something you’re not supposed to. I’m not supposed to like someone who looks like a girl. I’m not meant to be attracted to a man in a dress. But the best part is surely the toying with gender and sexuality. When feminized he is still all male and so it isn’t really blurring the gender boundaries at all. This is just about PLAYING with the gender boundaries, teasing me and making me go crazy. I find myself with the uncontrollable urge to reveal his true gender under all those pretty layers of tulle.

I read somewhere that men feel something similar when they see a pretty woman dressed in a more masculine outfit like a business suit. They said that, if she’s generally feminine then it has a teasing effect on them like she’s saying “catch me if you can”. Care to enlighten me?

So this was just my little introduction to this subject. I guess I ranted on a lot about myself but that’s still my most reliable source of information. Here's a follow-up article in which I explore different types of feminization (yep. there it is). And I don’t just mean different outfits to try. Clothes aren’t the only way to feminize a man you know. You can also check out my article titled Get Feminized which I wrote a while back.

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Comments (copied from Hubpages)


Yes...feminizing is fun...works for me...


Lucy, I would so love for my wife to feminize me. She has seen me in her panties numerous times and in one of her grey and pink matching bra and panty sets where she said I filled out the bra better than her.


On several occasions when we were getting ready for work, at our side my side bathroom vanity, she has commented that my feminine breasts (38D)are bigger than hers.


Given these occcurences, it seems that she might be receptive to feminizing me, but I don't know how to approach it. Any suggestions?






Hi Panman,

Well it sounds like you're half way there already. Do you know how she feels about you wearing feminine clothes? If not, you could either ask her directly or poke a little more subtly. For example you could tell her about other couples you've heard of who are into this and see how she responds.

Basically, it's best to tell her what you want since you are married. But you might want to do it in small steps that are easier to digest. Check my article on how to tell you girlfriend that you cross-dress for more on that.

Please keep me posted and good luck.

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