Male Corset

This is one of the most exciting pieces of clothing. It changes your figure, makes you look more feminine and it fits so tight that it feels like you’re being restrained. Wearing a corset can even make breathing feel more difficult which some people actually like. And as if that’s not enough, corsets make you sit or stand more upright and give you a better posture.

All of these features make the corset a perfect garment for men to wear. If you guys want to feel feminine in the way that women used to feel in past generations, then a tightly laced corset is the perfect thing to get. There are a number of online stores where male corsets are offered and you might even be able to buy them in department stores though I haven’t seen any male versions yet.

Men in corsets is a beautiful thing but wearing a corset isn’t as simple as putting on a bra and I know, some men even find that a challenge. You have to find a corset that fits you properly and that isn’t easy when shopping online but it can be done. This is why corsets for men in particular might be better than just getting a regular women’s corset. The men's corset will be better suited to a man’s body. But don’t fear that it might look masculine. Some might but many of these corset shops that sell them to men, cater specifically to cross-dressing men. Hence, they are designed to make men look more feminine. The corset on the photo is from

Buying your Corset Online

First you need to decide what shape you want. As you browse through the online shops, you’ll notice the different styles such as over-bust or under-bust etc. For transvestites it might be better to get a larger corset that is over-bust. That way, it can help conceal chest hair if you aren’t free to shave your chest. Also, a larger corset will make you feel more engulfed and enclosed which is perfect for your partner to look at.

Now I’ve got a surprise for you: Size doesn’t matter. Well, it does a little but corsets are tied around you anyway so you fit them to your body shape as you tie them. Of course they can still be too small or too large but generally there is a lot of leeway. Best is to check the guidelines in the store and take it from there.

But one thing you’ll have to consider is the quality. Corsets aren’t cheap and a corset for men won’t be an exception there. Good quality corsets will cost you hundreds. Just check out any bridal store to get an idea. I know it’s tempting to try and get a lower price corset but that is not a good idea. Corsets are more like shoes in that sense because they are under quite a lot of physical strain when you wear them so they need to be manufactured with high quality fabrics and sewn with reinforced stitching. Another unusual part of the corset is the bones. Bones are solid elements along the corset that hold it stiff and firm. There are usually at least four of them and they should be made of metal and not plastic. So you won't be surprised to hear that a corset can be quite heavy too.

I found a beautiful bridal corset for my boyfriend a few years back and it was only around $100 while having all the features of a good quality corset. You’ll probably not find a lower price on a corset that’s good but please let us know if you do. Unfortunately I cannot remember what store we bought it in. I just remember how much I love him wearing it…

Wearing the Corset

This isn’t so easy. Ideally you get someone to tie you into the corset. That makes things a lot easier but it’s still doable for one person. There are various techniques for tying a corset so you might want to read up on them. It might feel uncomfortable but it’s generally considered safe to tie a corset tightly but if you’re concerned then move in small steps and start by just wearing it for short periods. You can train yourself (or be trained by your girlfriend ^^) to wear the corset tightly and it will give you a very feminine hourglass figure. Most corsets can be opened and closed by clip as well so you only have to tie them once and then you clip and un-clip. But I really prefer the idea of tying him into the corset and that he can't get out of it so easily.

The corset can be worn under your regular clothes if you want. This will make you feel very restricted. I love having my boyfriend wear it like that but we don’t do that often for practical reasons. Another stunning view is to wear just the corset with sheer stockings and suspenders like in the beautiful photo above. Stunning!!! But my absolute favorite is to lace him tightly in his corset and have him wear a full petticoat with lots of layers. That petticoat can be really long which is beautiful and more restricting or it can be short and more exciting. Can’t decide which of the two I prefer. What do you think?

So go and get your corset. I’m sure you’ll love wearing it and tell me how you like it.



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Comments (copied from Hubpages)


Hi Lucy...this is a great list of postings you have. I have been dressing in stockings and pantyhose for quite some time, and my girlfriend is alright with it. We talk about me wearing them when we go out, but think she is just going along with it with me. Haven't done it yet...I have a large stature (6'4" and about 220 lbs with broad shoulders and arms) I would like to venture into going further than just the pantyhose and would like to begin dressing in full outfits, but have the appearence of a woman. can you offer some advice?



Hi j-bird

Well it's going to be hard with your physique to look convincing as a woman. Not just the height but especially the broad shoulders are a giveaway. You'd need something that takes emphasis away from the shoulders like a feather boa or something like that. Off the shoulder dresses are also great for that. Even though they reveal the shoulders, they make them look smaller by enclosing them.


Why don't you ask your girlfriend for advice? Even if she isn't keen on it, she'll still prefer you to look good when you do dress up.


Very interesting... thank you for sharing...


thanks lucy...don't think I will really ever be able to go out on a regular basis as a woman, but will continue to enjoy it behind closed long as i can get my girlfriend into it and have her help me get into some tighter items

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