Men in Tutus

As I mentioned in my article about the best cross-dressing outfits I would dedicate a hub on just tutus. Here we are:

A little while back I came across a photographer’s (Christophe Kutner “Homme danseur”) work who featured very hot men who were perfectly masculine except from the waist down they looked like ballerinas.

I was instantly hooked. Who says girls don’t get turned on from visual things? Seriously, I think its just people haven’t found what it is that turns us on. These photos are just so incredibly hot and this time I know its not just me who thinks so. Here are some of the other women's quotes from a photography forum (not a fetish or dating forum) where these boys in tutus were posted:

1) is it wrong that i find these oddly arousing? :P

2) beautiful!

3) wow!
just wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4) I agree. Gotta love a boy in a tutu.

5) I never knew boys in tutus would be so attractive

6) I'm losing my mind over these hot photos.

7) now men should ALWAYS dress like that
Those are great, I LOVE them!!! LOL

and there are plenty more.

The photo is from - another great crossdresser online shop

So guys, please start wearing tutus.

As you can see there are enough girls who like it, so when can we start seeing some of you courageous guys in tutus out and about? Yes, I know its very hard for men to be daring with fashion - especially feminine fashion but you have no idea how much some women will love you for it. Don’t you think that might be worth the risk? Ok, if it’ll cost you your job then clearly no and you have all my sympathy on that one though you might have a case for discrimination. Don’t worry, I won’t go into that now as I’ve ranted on enough on that topic in my other hubs.

If you want to know more about shopping for ballerina outfits as a man, then check out my buying guide for tutu dresses. Hey why not take ballet lessons while you're at it. Then you can learn to look like an authentic ballerina. Here's an article for cross dressers in ballet class.

More men in Tutus

Miriam Preissel, another photographer has given us this entertaining collection of men in tutus.

So why not do something thats fun and even sexy if it doesn't harm anyone? In Miriam Preissel's own words: "Just put on the damn tutu."


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Comments (copied from Hubpages)


Cross dressing is an unfortunate term which is applied to a much broader range of things than it logically should. Is everyone still born naked, or is it that males are born trousered and females in a skirt over trousers? Only anatomical differences should be taken into account in calling something cross dressing. A bra is female by anatomy; an athletic supporter is male by anatomy. Calling males in skirts cross dressed is not a fact---it is rather, a strategy---an underhanded strategy to STOP men from having purely HUMAN clothing choices. But then, psychiatry is not only useless, it is dangerous to civil liberties and is the direct continuation of the incredibly barbaric Holy Roman Catholic Inquisition and the protestant witch hunts. Greek soldiers wear a pleated skirt as part of their uniform (I'm talking 2009, not 2009AD) and Fijian policemen wear skirts. Male Dervishes in over a dozen nations wear full skirts. Any social phenomenon not a majority activity WILL be slandered as "mental disorder" by the conformity cult (the NY Times, May 27, 1876, page 6 editorial, "A Curious Disease" said women in pants were suffering from "permanent mental hallucination" and needed "the usual remedies in use at the best conducted hospitals for the insane.") As late as 1958, psychologist Horace English still tried to slap the "transvestite" label on women in pants. In 393AD Rome confiscated property of men in pants and sent them into exile, and over a thousand years later the Italians laughed at the pants worn by Pantalone, the top CLOWN of the Comedy of the Arts. There is only one "problem" with clothing and that is the denial of personal choice and the stupid attempts to suggest that "normal biology causes only females to want to wear skirts" gee what about the Roman legions and Alexander the Great? There is only one suitable response to the Mental Health Cult and that is---"Leave Us Alone---Can't You See We're Busy?"

Wow what an interesting comment Charles. Thanks. I really liked your take on psychology. Perhaps you'd like to write a hub (or whatever) about it. I'll join your fan club if you do.


I have been cross dressing in ballerina attire for years. I would love to share pics that I have taken of myself with female admirers!


Cross dressing is an interesting term that people usually define one way but obviously use another. It's usually defined, quite simply, as "wearing clothing of the other sex." But look on any crossdresser website, and you will see that crossdressing is really about IMPERSONATING the other sex. Moreover, women who wear blue jeans aren't (and never were) considered to be crossdressing because they weren't trying to impersonate men. Women who do try to impersonate men ARE considered to be crossdressing.

For those who really believe that simply wearing clothing constitutes crossdressing --- well, things get even more complex when you try to figure out who gets to "decide" the intended purpose of a piece of clothing. Who is the fashion czar anyway?

A man in a tutu is just that --- a man in a tutu. A man in a tutu who calls himself "Susan" and sports size D cups --- now THAT'S crossdressing!

Miriam L Preissel

Indeed, "Who is the fashion czar anyway?" A label is something someone gives you, don't get sucked into labeling yourself! Life is short, live it!


OMG Miriam,

thanks so much for commenting.

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