The Feminization of Men

Men are becoming more feminized in modern society. At least, this is what you often read in publications and journals. Sometimes this is seen as a much needed change of the classic gender role that men are confined to and sometimes it is criticized for exactly that. I want to look into this and why it can be a good thing – especially for men and why you don’t need to be afraid of men becoming more feminine.

But I will not try to spread my view on this as someone who likes femininity in men so I will also look at some of the problems that can be associated with feminization. It will be up to you as a reader to decide how you feel about it while this article will try to stay objective. Ultimately, individuals should be allowed to experience their lives and express themselves with as much or as little femininity or masculinity as they want. Just wanted to make that clear in advance.

Oh, and I’m deliberately trying to stay imprecise and unclear on what exactly I mean by femininity. Everyone has their own idea of what they mean by it and I want you to read this article with that idea in mind. It might not always work but we’ll know soon enough.

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Men should have the same freedom as women

Most women are free to experience the world and express themselves in a masculine way as well as in a feminine way. They may appear as both feminine and masculine. The only restriction is that it’s difficult to have both at the same time. So it is normal for women, me included, to switch between femininity and masculinity according to whatever is most useful or most fun at the time.

I feel that men should have this freedom too. For some reason men as a gender never managed to acquire the freedom to express themselves as feminine and it is a shame and a great loss to them as well as their surroundings and society as a whole. Society has bent over backwards to accept women as free to express masculinity without loosing femininity. Take for example the 80s power suit which demonstrates this perfectly. So why do we insist that men stay strictly confined to a very narrow definition of male behavior?

It doesn’t mean you can’t be masculine too.

There are a number of people who are concerned with the idea. They fear that this causes them to loose their identity as males and their place in society. I do not share that fear and this is not only because I like feminized men. I also like masculinity and I don’t believe it's a zero-sum game. Those who oppose feminizing men see it as a process that seeks to remove masculinity. But this is really down to how you define femininity, masculinity. I for one would not want a removal of masculinity at all. I appreciate it in more than one way and so should society. But that doesn’t mean that men cannot also become feminine when it suits them. Biologically, being male means that you can fertilize a female and that you have the infamous y-chromosome. No amount of feminization will change that unless it's medical and that is only done to women who were born in the wrong body.

The only reason people are afraid of this is those who define masculinity as nothing but the absence of femininity. They fail to see that those are merely two broad and imprecise categories of various traits of human behavior. Most of those traits can be both feminine as well as masculine and none can be described in an either-or manner. For example, you cannot say that aggressive behavior is strictly masculine because it lands you in contradictions when trying to explain why many feminine people exhibit this too.

The people opposed to this are aware of this dilemma and deal with it by resorting to a play-it-safe approach and simply define masculinity to be all those things that are as far away from femininity as possible. Even border-line behavior is considered un-manly or questionable. And the result is a “when in doubt, forbid it” policy towards men and what they may or may not do. This is incredibly restricting and it is even more so when boys are raised that way. Sadly, many are and I believe that causes them extra stress which makes learning more difficult. It is no surprise that girls fare better in school since they aren’t nearly as restricted in their experiences of femininity and masculinity. As a result, girls never have to worry as much about appearing feminine or not. Most boys have to be concerned about this permanently from an age even before school. I am sure that, if we gave boys the same freedom that we give girls, then they’d also perform as well and they’d probably also mature as quickly too.

Forced Feminization

In the context of society and politics, this is simply the procedure of imposing feminine characteristics on men. In other words, they’re made to act feminine or even to look feminine while they’re denied or forbidden to be masculine. So you're feminizing a man whether he wants it or not. Now, this is a different matter altogether and I’m principally against this kind of thing because it invades individual freedom of expression. But I did explore this more in articles like Petticoat Punishment and Sissification

But lets get things into perspective:

By definition, men are typically subjected to forced masculinization. Men are made to be masculine from the age of young boys and they’re denied the right to experience femininity. So forced feminization is really just the opposite of how men are normally treated and raised and it is just as silly. In fact, this is so strictly imposed with social pressure from family and peers that many are afraid of feeling and especially looking feminine.

So those of you who are, like me, opposed to the forcing men to become feminine, cannot logically get past opposing the way men and boys are made to be masculine and denied feminine traits. Either you’re for individual freedom or you aren’t. So, although I’m against imposing it on men, I’m far more concerned with the problem of denying them femininity because this is still seen as ‘normal’ and ‘correct’ by so many people.

Experience Femininity

Guys, there’s a whole world of experiences and sensations that most of you have been denied by society. You’ve been forbidden to enjoy femininity for no reason other than conformist oppression. If you really want to be free to live the way you want, then you should not let others or society make that choice for you. Experience feminization and allow it to happen to you. You can always turn around when you’ve had enough. And in case you think women might not find you attractive, think again. Ultimately we prefer men who go their own way over men who go our way (or anyone else’s) – even when we say the opposite.

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