Adorable Crossdressing Outfits

In my article about crossdressing outfits I described how it seems common for crossdressers like my boyfriend to go for these overly feminine type of dresses. The kind of elaborate and highly decorated dresses that absolutely radiate femininity. Here I want to be more specific and show you more examples of what I mean. Of course I don't know all of what's out there so I'd appreciate anyone who can give me more clues as to what you like best for crossdressing. Some of these dresses are very impressive and others are bordering silly but they all express a kind of innocent feminine beauty. It seems that cross-dressers are most fascinated with that particular theme. If you're knew to crossdressing, then take a look at my article on dressing up as a woman.

Now this picture on the right is the sissy outfit. The many frills and pink cotton candy colors all make it look very very feminine. Actually they make it a lot more than feminine. It's doll like and I had to write another big article on sissy dresses here. The outfit is ridiculous but it's still l one of my favorite. His legs are sooooo nice I can't stop perving at him. I don't know what it is but seeing a picture like this can drive me nuts I just want to grab him and ... well best to leave the rest to your imagination.

Oops. sorry. *clears throat* Looks like we got a little side tracked there. We were talking about outfits right? So next:

Bouffant prom dresses

Photos from

Now these are probably the most impressive prom dresses out there. The first two are the most feminine for crossdressers and my choice for my boyfriend (if only they weren't $400 each). But the third is surely the most beautiful and the sort of thing I'd wear for a VERY special occasion. They're Ellyanna's quinceanera style dresses for those of you who might be interested and have sufficient funds. A corset is also a great addition to most ballgowns and in particular bridal dresses. Check out my article on the male corset for more on that.


Chris Millett at

Tutus are very popular among crossdressers. This photo is so cute! I can't believe my boyfriend still doesn't have one. I've dedicated another article to men in tutus so I'll leave you with these first pics for a start. I've also written a dedicated hub on">buying tutus if you've already made up your mind.

Mermaid dress

Photo by Penelope Felicity at

Also sometimes called "fishtail dresses". These are probably my personal favorite for crossdressers but they only work with a very slim figure. I hate breaking this to you guys out there but when you wear womens clothes, you have to choose your outfit to match your figure or it'll just look ridiculous.

I love these particularly because they also restrict the movement and force him to walk in small steps like a woman. Then he can't run away from me - easy prey!!! Fishtail dresses are both revealing but can still be very full and frilly depending on what style you choose. I think this is a must have for any crossdresser.

If you have any more outfits to suggest, do please let me know.


Which is your favorite crossdressing outfit?

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